Reliance Announces Its Latest In-House Smartphone JioPhone Next In Partnership With Google

JioPhone Next
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Reliance Industries made the biggest announcement of all time for mobile users who have been eyeing a smartphone for a very long time. However, they could never upgrade due to the skyrocketing price of smartphones. During the Reliance Industries 44th Annual General Meeting, which held on Thursday, Reliance Industries chairman, Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of JioPhone Next in partnership with the android maker Google.

It is going to be a fully-featured smartphone and will be available for purchase from September 10. Unlike the previous Jio Phones, this upcoming JioPhone Next will be developed in partnership with Google, which means the users can enjoy complete access to the Play Store and download and install Android apps and features, including Voice Assistant Language Translation etc. 

The Chairman of Reliance Industries said, “India still has nearly 300 million mobile users who are unable to escape from inefficient and exorbitant 2G services because even a basic 4G smartphone remains unaffordable for these users. Last year, Sundar and I had talked about Google and Jio co-developing a next-generation, feature-rich, but extremely affordable smartphone.” The JioPhone Next smartphone is developed to optimize the Android experience at an ultra-affordable price to attract the masses and make the country “2G Mukt”. 

JioPhone Next Specifications

The upcoming JioNext smartphone is designed for users who are looking for an upgrade from the old school 2G to 4G on a shoestring budget. The latest offering will be based on a customized Android operating system that has been especially designed for Jio by Google.

Talking about its features, this affordable 4G smartphone comes preloaded with OS-wide Read Aloud and Translate Now features. Not just that, but Google is also offering Google Assistant to provide voice-assisted features pre-installed Jio apps. The user can also use the Goggle Assistant to play music on JioSaavan. 

The JioPhone also comes packed with a rear camera along with an LED Flash and preloaded HDR mode. Additionally, Google has also partnered with Snap to integrate an India-specific Snapchat Lenses in the phone’s camera to take the customer’s experience a level above.

According to Mukesh Ambani, the product is a testimony to a global technology giant and national technology champion working in collaboration to create an all-rounder masterpiece product that will be first introduced in India and then taken to the global level. 

During the Reliance AGM, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in a virtual appearance, mentioned that the company has also partnered with Jio Platforms and entered into a 5G cloud partnership. Pichai said, “ this partnership will help billion Indians connect to a much faster and better internet, support businesses in their digital transformation, and help Jio build new services in sectors like health, education, and more – laying a foundation for the next phase of India’s digitization,”.

In another statement during the conference, Pichai mentioned that the Google team has closely worked with the engineering and product development team of Jio on useful voice-first features which will enable the users to consume content and also navigate the smartphone in their respective language, and deliver a high-quality camera experience, packed with the latest Android feature. 

This is going to be the newest addition to Jio’s in-house handset for the consumers. The company introduced its first Jio handset in July 2017 with 4G connectivity, which received an update with Jio Phone 2 in the year 2018.

This new technology device is eyeing the entry-level buyers, and it is set to take the smartphone industry by storm, mainly targeting the Indian players in the market. 

The all-new JioPhone Next is all set to roll out on September 10; however, the company has not yet revealed the price. But one thing Ambani stressed is that this upcoming device will be by far the most affordable smartphones in India.

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