Belkins SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker With Built-In Wireless Charging Review

smart speaker with google assistant

Smart speaker With Google Assistant: After the release of Amazon Echo in late 2014, people went crazy about the interactive speaker concept so much that today most of the household owns a smart speaker which is significantly transforming the digital experience of people by reshaping the way they engage with the world. 

A simple command allows you to play music, set the timer, control other smart devices in your household, tell you about the weather, and much more. There’s no wonder why the market is filled with top-notch smart speakers and why people love them.

Adding a smart speaker to your home not only makes your life and everyday work more accessible but is also a relatively easy upgrade with a plethora of worthwhile options available in the market. And the latest addition to the market is the fantastic Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart SpeakerDevialet, Belking, and Google have come together to create a smart speaker with google assistant to bring this unique option to the plate. Let’s do a quick review of the Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker to check if it is worth giving a shot or not. 

Setup & Connectivity

Coming to the setup and connectivity of the speaker, it has strong Wi-Fi, which let you connect it from a reasonably far router. The speaker doesn’t have its app, so the first thing is you have to download the Google app on your smartphone. You can even connect the speaker via Bluetooth. 

Once everything is set up in the Google Home App, the smart speaker with Google Assistant will take charge of the heavy lifting. You are now all set to command your SoundForm Elite sound speaker with the ‘Ok Google’ command, and you can play music, check calendar, weather check, control the smart home gadgets, and can even confirm facts with Google Assistant. Not just that, but the microphones of Belkin SoundForm Elite are also responsive and is capable of triggering phase even when the music is playing at a high volume. 

Heavy Bass

Considering the speaker’s audio hardware, which consists of a 35mm full-range speaker and dual 70mm woofer driver, the speaker favours low-range audio, and you can experience a deep bass.  

This spherical-shaped speaker has a heavy bass which directly affects the mids and highs. However, those who loves listening to the pounding beats will surely enjoy it. And for others, there’s a way to adjust the bass and treble through Google Home App, which let you lessen the overpowering bass tone to an extent. 

It is noticeable that streaming music directly from the Belkin SoundForm Elite sounds a lot more euphonious than when it is streamed via Bluetooth. 

SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Sound Speakers – Design

Talking about its design, it is not something that stands out. The Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi has a generic spherical shape, with the top area slicked to make space for a wireless charger. The entire Belkin speaker is wrapped with a mesh fabric which gives it a chunky contrast. 

In front of the wireless charging dock, touch controls give you access to perform actions like controlling the volume, playing and pausing the music, and turning on/off the Bluetooth. 

Apart from that, the speaker has a small LED that glows when you put your phone on charging using the wireless charger and similar to the Google Homes devices, you can enjoy a series of different LEDs that glitters through the mesh fabric of the speaker. 

 Although the design of this smart Bluetooth speaker isn’t that appealing, one thing that is sure to grab your attention is its multifunctionality. It looks like a perfect little item that can go very well with any type of interior décor. 

Charge your Phone with your Smart Speakers

One of the features that set the SoundForm Elite smart speakers a notch above its competitors is its sloped cradle on the top that comes with an embedded wireless charger and can give you up to 10 watts of battery Qi-compatible devices. Now, this is why it is one of the best smart speaker in India

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Our take

Overall the Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi speaker features a lot that is worth appreciable. Especially the fact that it comes with a wireless charging point, which means less cable mess around. But a downside is its price which is slightly on the pricier side as compared to its competitors. However, keeping the price aside, if you’re willing to make a smart addition to your home, then Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi smart speaker is worth consideration. 

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