Here’s How You Can Create The Right Work Station With Ignite Office Chair

Ignite Office Chair: On average, an employee spends nearly 5-6 hours sitting on his work chair. Given the number of hours spent in an office chair, it is imperative to focus on your spine’s health in order to avoid any future health risks. With the advancement in design and technology, it is super easy and highly required to modify your workstation. While you’re glued to your chair for hours, we will ensure that your health is not getting affected and to ensure that we bring you the most comfortable and quirky Ignite office chair so that you can have a comfy and interesting work experience.

Create The Right Work Station With Ignite Office Chair

Which is the right office chair? This is a question we often get asked, and it was difficult for us to answer as different people have different requirements. Some people want an elegant-looking chair that focuses on ergonomic and healthy posture. In contrast, others prefer to have a chair that can perform the work of an office chair and can be used for other purposes as well, such as – gaming, as pro gamers spend long hours sitting on the chair. And to help with all of this, we did rigorous research to come up with a chair that caters to all your needs. We bring you the best office chair, i.e., Ignite office chair.

Ignite Office Chair – One of The Best Office Chairs

This contemporary office chair combines functionality and comfort in the best way, making it perfect for office spaces. It has a comfortable and quirky design which makes it a perfect fit for those long boring hours spent in the office sitting in front of the laptop/pc. It offers an easy and cushiony seating experience, all thanks to its ingenious design with padded seats, and the armrest is covered in easy-care artificial leather. 

The product features two removable neck and back cushions that ensure a good sitting posture and provide long-lasting comfort. The Ignite office chair has an approx height of 121 – 131 cm and a total width of 66 cm. It comes with a seat height of 46 – 56 cm, which could be adjusted. The seat surface (WxD) is 52 x 52 cm, and the height armrest (from the floor) is 68 – 78 cm. Another feature that the ignite office chair comes packed with is the push-back mechanism with a position locking system. 

With Ignite office chair, you get seven color options to choose from; the office chair comes in different seat colors such as – blue, yellow, orange, red, black, green, and white combination enhances its contemporary design even more. Synthetic-base material with wheels, high durability, and heavyweight resistance are some of the appealing features that make Ignite office chair one of the best office chairs

Talking about the office chair’s frame, it sports a plastic frame that comes with an integrated footrest, which helps provide a pleasant break in between.

Why choose the Ignite office chair?

The Ignite office chair is as comfortable for eight hours of office work as it is for an all-night-long gaming session with your tribe. Whether you use the Ignite office chair on a rough or carpeted floor, you can always roll and move it easily without putting in any extra effort. The area where the Ignite office chair excels is in its adjustability. The chair lets you change a ton of different positions depending on your comfort level while you do your work. Another plus point is it lets you sink into the back and provide you great mid to upper back support.

Easy Maintenance

The Ignite office chair doesn’t need high-end maintenance. Since it is a faux leather chair, it can easily be cleaned with a cloth moistened with lukewarm water, and if there’s slight dirt, it can easily be wiped off using a damp cloth. 

Specifications of Ignite Office Chair

Color – Black & Yellow

Material – Synthetic 

Chair Dimensions – 58 x 66 x 121 cms

Maximum Weight Recommendation – 120 kilograms 

Item Weight – 18 kilograms

Wrap Up An office chair comfort is completely subjective; however, we tried to help you choose the right office chair by bringing you deep insight about the Ignite office chair, which is one of the best office chairs available in the market. With such a detailed analysis of the Ignite chair, we’re sure you have enough information to be confident about your search for the most comfortable office chair.

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