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Best Budget Gaming Chairs In 60 Dollars Gaming Chair Segment

Best 60 Dollars Gaming Chair: Indeed, gamers are meticulous about their accessories, including something as trivial as a gaming chair. Well, does a gaming chair really make a difference? Ask this question to any gamer, and he will instantly get enraged. A gaming chair does make a significant difference as it involves long hours of gaming. So, a gaming setup must include a comfortable affordable gaming chair

If you’re a gamer or a console person looking for a comfortable gaming chair but on an absolute shoestring budget, then let’s have a look at the 60 dollars gaming chair segment where you get some of the best and affordable gaming chairs


In this list, we’ll help you with the best gaming chairs; while they won’t have all the top-notch features, but they’d still are miles above than sitting on those uncomfortable chairs that leave you with a sore back and neck.

Best & Affordable 60 Dollars Gaming Chair List

1- Oniva Ventura Portable Reclining Seat

The first on our list of 60 dollars gaming chairs is the Oniva Reclining Seat. This chair is a highly portable gaming chair with a robust six recline and armrest levels, which lets you enjoy your game and relax in whatever position you’re comfortable. 

The Oniva Reclining Seat has a thick cushion padding on the armrest, backrest, seat that offers excellent comfort to your back and neck.

The best part of the chair is it is foldable, which means it can be carried anywhere, and you can even take it to your friend’s place for a fantastic gaming night. 

This affordable gaming chair comes in 11-12 colors, and the best place to buy a gaming chair is Amazon.

2- KingSo Gaming Floor Chair

Comes with plusher cushions but misses out the armrest. However, not everyone needs an armrest, and if you’re also one f them, then the KingSo gaming chair is excellent and quite affordable. The 60 dollars gaming chair segment would be incomplete without a mention of the KingSo Gaming chair. Inside the chair, there is a combination of PE foam and filling to support your back and neck. The KingSo gaming chair comes with a wide seat with a 5-point adjustable backrest. One of the best features of this gaming chair is its cover which is easy to maintain and washable. 

3- NNEWVANTE Floor Gaming Chair

If you’re one of those who end up having a sweaty back after hours of a continuous gaming session, then this chair in the 60 dollars gaming chair is one we highly recommend, the Nnewvante Floor Chair. This comfortable affordable gaming chair will be pretty light on your pocket and has a hollow air back which lets the airflow circulate and cool you off when your gaming session starts getting too intense.

And just like the KingSo gaming chair, the cover of Nnewvante is also removable and washable. The backrest of this chair is reclinable from 90 degrees to flat 180 degrees. 

The seat’s bottom cover is scratch-resistant and waterproof, so you can be carefree while using it in your room or outdoors.

4- BonVivo Easy lll Floor Chair

You can take your chair for the gaming night at your friend’s place and flaunt it in front of your friends. Yes, you heard it right; with the BonVivo Easy lll Floor Chair, you can simply fold it and take it anywhere and everywhere with you. It is just 6 lbs, making it a lightweight version of the Oniva chair mentioned above in our 60 dollars gaming chair segment. 

This affordable gaming chair’s backrest doesn’t have an adjustable recline, but what it does have is a lock at 90 degrees with a slight gives up to 100 degrees. 

In our 60 dollars gaming chair, we have talked about the floor gaming chair. But there are enormous options available when it comes to gaming chairs.  If you can slightly increase your budget, you may also check out the FDW Gaming Chairs or Ignite Gaming Chairs.

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