How To Use A Surface Pro As A Drawing Tablet? Guide

Use a surface pro as a drawing tablet is not as hard as you think. However I will say that it’s quite easy to convert your surface pro into an amazing drawing tablet. But you have to choose the right options to get an accurate result.

New and advanced surface pros are simply amazing because they can serve us in many different ways. Having a surface pro means you don’t have to buy any other smart gadget. Because the surface pro has all the things that you want to be in your smart book.

This article will let you know about how you can use a surface pro as a drawing tablet without any hard struggle. 

If you are an artistic person and can’t afford an expensive drawing tablet. So stick with us till the end of the article because this will resolve all of your problems.

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Use A Surface Pro As A Drawing Tablet | Required Things

To use a surface pro as a drawing tablet you have to set-up all the things in the right manner. There are the required things that need to use a surface pro as a drawing tablet.

An External Monitor

An external monitor is the most major thing. That helps you to get a clear view about what you are drawing.

You can use any of the monitors for this purpose. But make sure that the monitor should be advanced enough. That it has connectivity options to any surface pro easily.

A Surface Pro 

The second thing that you need is of course a surface book or surface pro. This is the main gadget on which we will perform the entire job. 

Well to connect a surface pro with another external monitor is not a rocket science. But you have to be a little informative before connecting it to the external monitors.

Some surface pro can connect to the external monitors within a seconds you don’t have to do a big struggle .

But in some monitors or surface pros the options are hidden so you have to collect a little bit of knowledge about your surface pro before connecting it to another external monitor.

A Surface Pen

A surface pen is just like a traditional pen. It has a tip from which you can draw or write anything on the surface just the way you write with a traditional pen. 

When the surface pen is brought close to the touch screen surface pro a pointer appears on the monitor screen through which you can easily know where the pointer is and it helps you to draw easily.

At the bottom of the pen there is a button. This button acts as an eraser. So if you need to erase anything from the screen just click on the eraser button and it will erase the unnecessary lines, marks or anything.

A Graphical System Software

A graphic software is quite necessary because this is the place where you will draw any of your imagination freely by using its advanced features. 

Mostly photoshop and Autodesk SketchBook are the famous and effective graphic softwares that works tremendously well in any surface pro.

Rather than these system software you can use any of the effective graphic apps on which you like to draw or which features you like or understand the most. 

These graphical system softwares are used in the surface pro because they help to receive input from the surface pen. 

Keyboard And Mouse

Using keyboard and mouse when you use a surface pro as a drawing tablet is optional. It all depends on you which is more suitable for you for drawing. 

Most people don’t properly know how to use a surface pen and they are quite comfortable working with keyboard and mouse (while it’s difficult). So they use a keyboard and mouse instead of a surface pen.

Use A Surface Pen As A Drawing Tablet | Procedure

After collecting all the necessary things to use a surface pen as a drawing tablet you have to perform some simple tasks after which your surface pro acts as a drawing tablet. 

Whether these procedures are extremely easy but we are going to discuss it in more simple steps. So you can’t get stuck anywhere in the way.

Step 1

Firstly you have to set the main screen of the surface pro in an outward direction Usually it’s called the studio mode). So you can easily draw the things by placing them on the table or desk. 

You can do that by simply clicking on the ready to detach icon that appears on the right side of the screen. Hold it until the key light turns green.

Now you can separate the screen of the surface pro from the keyboard. Place the screen in an outward direction and here it’s ready to work as a tablet.

Step 2

After facing the surface pro screen in an outward direction you have to plug-in the external monitor to the thunderbolt 2 mini display port of the surface pro.

Tip: If the monitor and thunderbolt 2 mini display port doesn’t connect automatically press the Window + P button and then select the option second screen only

Make the correct setting of scale and layout.

Step 3

When your external monitor and surface pro are connected with each other. Now you can launch any of your desired graphical system software to work on it.

Step 4

After doing all the above 3 steps perfectly now you can use a surface pro as a drawing tablet

Use the surface pen to draw the images and make changes and use your fingers to rotate the screen in your desired angle or position.

That’s how you can use a surface pro as a drawing tablet. Make sure that you don’t skip any of the steps to get a 100% satisfying result.


Q: What is the best drawing app for Surface Pro?

A: The best drawing app for surface pro basically depends on what series of surface pro you have. There are many drawing apps available in the market, all of them world well in almost all types of surface pro. 
But some more advanced drawing apps can’t work properly in less advanced surface pro. So it’s good to choose a drawing app according to the capacity of your surface pro. 

However Pro Drawing Tools Autodesk Sketchbook, photoshop and sketch able are some of the best drawing apps that works well in almost all types of surface pro.

Q: Can you use a surface as a drawing tablet?

A: A fair yes, you can use a surface pro as a drawing tablet. There are many good features in surface pro that deliver a good quality of drawing tools through which you can draw quite well.
But if you are a serious artist and want to become a professional in the drawing field then surely you need some professional gadgets such as intuos or wacom.

Q: Is it better to get a drawing tablet or laptop?

A: Well laptop and drawing tablets almost have the same features but they both are made to perform different tasks. 

A laptop can be used in many ways. If you want to perform regular working tasks, a laptop is the best option. However you can also draw in a laptop. 

But if you want to be a professional artist and want to groom your artistic skills then go with a professional drawing tablet.

Because a professional drawing tablet is specially made for the artists and has more advanced features as compared to a laptop.

Q: What is the best free drawing app for Surface Pro?

A: If you are a beginner artist or want to draw just for fun. So you don’t need to pay a valuable cost to use graphical software. There are many drawing apps who are quite good in features and you can use them without spending a single penny.
In a surface pro you can use Krita, Artweaver Free, Microsoft Paint 3D and many other free drawing apps free of cost.

Q: Is procreate free on Surface Pro?

A: No, Procreate is a paid app and they also don’t offer any free trial of procreate app. So if you want to work with a procreating app you have to pay almost $9.99. 
It’s not a big amount but you have to pay this amount to enjoy the amazing features of procreate on surface pro.

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